About Us

When you need surgery or vein treatment, trust the experienced and compassionate staff at Missoula Surgical Associates. Our team of board certified surgeons will take the time to explain your surgical options and discuss which procedure will provide you with the greatest benefit. With many choices in surgery today, it is important to choose a surgeon who will take the time to review your options, so you can make the best choice for your specific needs.  For your convenience and accessibility, our surgeons have the ability to operate at multiple hospitals and surgery centers in the area, so you can schedule your procedure at a location that is convenient for you and your caretakers.  The Missoula Surgical surgeons have many years of experience serving the residents of Missoula and surrounding communities.  Our reputation for our expertise and knowledge is recognized throughout the region and across the state.


Advanced Technologies, Cutting Edge Surgical Procedures

Our team is up to date on all the latest technologies and procedures, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care with the best possible outcomes from their procedures.  From laparoscopic procedures to robotic surgery, our experience allows us to tailor every procedure to our patient’s unique needs.

Surgical Device
Medical Trauma Consultation

Trauma Leaders

The surgeons at Missoula Surgical Associates are considered regional and state leaders in trauma. We perform trauma services for St. Patrick Hospital, which is home to one of the four Level II trauma centers in the state.  Our surgeons excel in both general and trauma surgery so patients can rest assured, knowing that whether they have urgent or elective surgical needs, we have the skill and experience to provide top of the line services.

In-Office Procedures

In addition to our hospital affiliations throughout the city, we also perform procedures in our office in the heart of Missoula. We have a Registered Vascular Technician (RVT) on staff to evaluate venous disorders, using painless ultrasound imaging.  Various in-office procedures are also available, eliminating the need to go to the hospital for minor procedures.  We can help you determine the best treatment, specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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On Call, On Schedule

At Missoula Surgical Associates, we value our patients’ time, this is why we strive to meet all of our patients’ needs in a prompt manner. Our collaborative team of surgeons and staff live by the belief that every patient matters and each patient deserves personalized care, treatment and service. We always have a doctor on call to handle your questions or concerns about your procedure and recovery.  This ensures that you have peace of mind knowing there will constantly be medical support available throughout your surgical experience.

The team at Missoula Surgical Associates is always here for our patients. You are our top priority and our ambition is to serve our patients and community with the highest level of care. To learn more about our practice, contact our office today at 406.542.7525.